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Badge Hrs Counselors Homework/Badge Requirements

Cit/Community A 3
Baerwald, Tom Do 4 and 5 (bring copy of your letter) (and

bring 7 if done).

Cit/Community B 3
McLean, Sally Do 4 and 5 (bring copy of your letter) (and

Dickert, John bring 7 if done).

Cit/Nation A 3
Crane, Mike Do 3 and 4.

Cit/Nation B 3
Ward, Carla Do 3 and 4.

Cit/World A 6
Crawford, Calvin Do 5c and 6c.

Raftery, Rick

Cit/World B 6
Do 5c and 6c.

Norwood, Anthony

Coin Collecting 2

Collections A 2
Castles, Mary Eliz Write down and bring 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5a, c, d

Jones, Karen and e.

Computers 3
Creech, Larry Research and prepare 1, 2 and 6.

Cole, R.; Livesay, M.

Crime Prevention 3
Bell-Dorman, Judie Do 2 (bring completed notebook), 3 a and b

Ward, Carla (bring written report). Req. 7 (visit) will be

scheduled before the Jamboree. Req. 5 will

be completed later.

Cycling 3
Dell, Bruce Bring your bike and tools. Be prepared to

Farnham, Peter change a tube and make repairs. Research

7. If you have completed the bike hike

requirements in 8 and 9, bring written

reports and SM certification of completion.

Monday, December 06, 1999
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