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Homework for the Jamboree 12/6/99

Badge Hrs Counselors Homework/Badge Requirements

American Business 4
Eng, Richard Do (research, prepare) 1.

Pierce, Larry; Maibach,

Archaeology 0
Alex Arch Society MIDWAY

Rolf Blank T113

Art 2
Norwood, Anthony Do 4 (and any others you want)

Fanelli, R.; Coburn, S.

Astronomy 3
Davis, Woody Do and bring 1.

Atomic Energy 4
Bredehoft, Brent Complete 4 in writing. NOTE: SPECIAL


This class will utilize low-level, sealed

ionizing radiation sources handled ONLY by

the adult instructor. Radiation is naturally

occuring around us every day. The

additional radiation exposure during this

class will be below dedectable levels. If you

have any concerns or questions, call Brent

Bredehoft at (703) 806-7861, or e-mail him


Aviation 0
Mayer, Randy MIDWAY

Bugling 2
Sone, John Research and bring 1.

Cinematography 4
Toti, Bill TBA

Monday, December 06, 1999
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