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Colonial District
Fall 1998 Camporee
Webelos Activities

First- and second-year Webelos Scouts from Colonial District packs enjoyed a range of activities on Saturday. Volleyball was great for team spirit. Webelos Play Volleyball

Webelos Play Ultimate Frisbee And ultimate frisbee was just plain fun.

Check out the following pages for views of other Scouts in action:

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Photos on this page were taken by Mike Crane, who should be congratulated for his skill in using a borrowed camera he'd never touched before. Blame for the failure to insert a new battery in the camera, thereby leading to the shutter not fully opening on many shots (although that does add an artsy touch in a few cases), should rest with the camera's owner, Tom Baerwald. Web-apprentice Baerwald also bears primary responsibility for the fundamental HTML programming found on this page.

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