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Camporee Administration
at the Colonial District
Fall 1998 Camporee

Deputy District Commissioner Sue Crane ably managed the administration table throughout the camporee, often attracting other Scouters eager to help out -- or catch a few ZZZs. Administration Table

Cook Crew Prepares for Action District Quartermaster and Chef-Extraordinaire Jan Forbes prepares to serve camporee staff members whose responsibilities keep them from enjoying meals with their troops.

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Photos on this page were taken by Mike Crane, who should be congratulated for his skill in using a borrowed camera he'd never touched before. Blame for the failure to insert a new battery in the camera, thereby leading to the shutter not fully opening on many shots (although that does add an artsy touch in a few cases), should rest with the camera's owner, Tom Baerwald. Web-apprentice Baerwald also bears primary responsibility for the fundamental HTML programming found on this page.