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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA



The Fall Camporee was held 16-18 October at Mountain View Campground in Silver Lake, near Haymarket. What a great weekend! Good weather and a super location treated about 450 Scouts and Scouters to a near-perfect first Colonial District Camporee. A variety of outdoor activities for Webelos complemented merit badge work for Scouts. A Junior Leader Training Workshop was once again held in conjunction with the Camporee. And the Saturday night campfire was one of the best in recent memory. Led by Craig Goheen (the younger), and built by the District's OA contingent, the fire featured new skits and a high energy level. Perhaps best of all, no serious injuries or hypothermia cases! Excellent work by Jim Garamone and his entire staff.

The date for the Merit Badge Jamboree has been moved to 9 January, still at Hayfield High School. The 9 January date has the fewest unit conflicts. We'll be unable to get into the school the night before, so it will require early morning setup, but this shouldn't be a problem.

Scouting for Food bags are in and will be distributed at Aldersgate United Methodist Church and First Christian Church on Wednesday evening, 4 November.

Pinewood Derby-Tony Moller will direct Colonial District's first Pinewood Derby, to be held at Landmark Mall.

Spring Camporee-Jim Poole and Dominick Caridi are doing preliminary work on a camporee with a Leave-No-Trace theme, to be held at Prince William Forest Park. Date is shaping up to be the second or fourth weekend in April


Lang Fields has indicated he's unable to continue as Advancement Chairman. We need a new name to fill this billet.


The NCAC monthly meeting centered on the Goshen Budget. The council provided a breakout of how the individual 1998 camping fees were spent. A majority of the money was spent on food and salaries. The fee also covers over two dozen other items that are needed to keep the camp running all year round. Anyone interested in the actual breakdown can ask, and Craig Goheen will make it available.

Mr. Hoolehan, the Council professional, covered the Goshen Camp Budget for 1999. The annual budget for Goshen is just over $1.4 million. Just like in the breakout for individual fees, the majority of the Goshen budget goes to food and salaries ($440K & $460K, respectively). Again, this budget is available for review.

A reservation the size of Goshen always has new problems that aren't covered in the budget. For example, the discovery of abandoned fuel tanks that have to be removed, or storm damage; just take your pick. It's not an easy task when you're trying to run an operation of Goshen's size.

One of the new initiatives this year is a Goshen wish list. This list is of materials and supplies Goshen could use, and you could donate. This includes items like Virginia, Maryland and DC flags, paper towels, electric drills, concrete, coffee makers, and more. A complete list will be published in the next edition of the Scouters' Digest; take a look and see if you can help.

Speaking of help, have you applied to work at Goshen? Interviews will be Jan 2, 1999. Check your troop box for applications.

What about Camp Snyder? Well, it is available for limited use, but there are not enough facilities (like latrines) to support troops. NCAC is hoping to have a training lodge built by next fall, along with a parking lot. It probably won't be ready for troop use "for a while."

Did you know that Fort AP Hill is available for camping? There are almost 200 miles of bike routes, an orienteering course, a Historic trail, and campsites in the woods. It does require a reservation 4 months ahead--which isn't hard to do when you've got a good outdoor plan.

Speaking of planning - Colonial District already has 12 packs and 9 troops signed up for Goshen. Let's hear it for Packs 118, 129, 614, 680, 801, 867, 1504, 1509, 1515, 1519, 1520, and Troops 113, 135, 871, 996, 1076, 1107(x2), 1509 and 2000. If you didn't see your unit listed, ask questions. We'll be checking, because we want to help if we can.


The fall SMF course was a great success. We trained Scouters from Old Dominion and Colonial Districts, with 35 total graduates. Our solid SMF training tradition continues.

Fall JLTW was held at the Camporee. Tom Baerwald led a staff of three adults and seven Scouts in delivering a very successful course. Twenty-three students spent the day learning more about critical leadership skills.

  • Seven Colonial District Scouters completed the Fall 1998 Wood Badge course. Joyce Waters has Spring course and Bob Herbig has Fall course. Cub Scout WB being changed to Trainer's Wood Badge that will serve all divisions.
  • POW WOW will be held at Eleanor Roosevelt HS, in Greenbelt, MD on 21 November.
  • Den Chief Trng will not be held at POW WOW. It will be held on 30 January at 5 locations in NCAC.
  • Next WLOT will be mid-April, most likely at the German Orphan's Home in Waldorf.
  • University of Scouting scheduled for 20 March, most likely at University of Maryland.
  • Major changes in store for Program Launch--stay tuned for more information.
  • Eleven Colonial District Scouters attended CSLBT held at Old Dominion. These add to the ten who completed in September. Several Scouters have indicated their interest in helping out on the Cub Scout Training. Dominick Caridi will be talking with each of them throughout the month.
  • Dominick is awaiting after action reports from the Fall SMF and JLTW. These will represent the beginning of the Colonial Scout Training files.
  • John Hone, the Council Training chair has requested:
  • District training calendar through August 1999.
  • copy of syllabus [agenda] used in each course.
  • copy of handout package provided in each course.



Program Chairman

Colonial District

(703) 660-6148 (H)

(703) 695-2251 (W)


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