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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA


Colonial District Scouters -

How many times has someone approached you and said "Is there a Cub Scout Pack (or Boy Scout Troop) in my area? I want to find a pack (or troop) for my son."

The Membership Committee is drafting a list of all packs, troops, teams and crews that are chartered in Colonial District that will show the unit number, sponsor, school(s) served, ZIP code, the day of the week that the unit meets, time, place and point of contact, with phone and email address. Our objective is to keep this information updated and make it routinely available to you for distribution to the public in the Alexandria and eastern Fairfax County area.

We would appreciate it if you would take the time to provide us with the information in the paragraph above for the units shown at the conclusion of this note. You may get back to us in any way that is convenient for you. HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ELECTRONICALLY TO THIS MESSAGE, SINCE YOUR RESPONSE GOES TO THE ENTIRE MAILING LIST, NOT JUST TO ME AS THE SENDER. Instead, please send your information to me ( 202-565-1174 office, 703-799-7046 home.

Thanks to those who provided the information shown, especially Tom Libby, who compiled all of the Area 4 data. For those units not shown, we have your data except for an email address. If you wish to have it listed, please send it to me in a separate message.

NOTE: If you have not scrubbed your unit roster as requested in the council letter to Committee Chairs, this needs to be done right away. the due date was November 30th. Point of contact is Paul Kosmicki (703-370-2537). This is important!

Thank you.

Jim Poole
Chair, Membership Committee
Colonial District

Data Needed for Following Units:

Packs: 126, 133, 609, 801, 1515, 1943, 1435, 1504, 1852, 601, 1102.

Troops: 62, 126, 113, 609, 2000, 1150, 1507, 811, 601, 1183.

Teams: 601, 1183.

Crews: 80, 557, 1436, 1824, 1915,1613, 601.