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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA


District Chair:
Pete Straub
703/820-3600 (office phone)
703/820-8602 (office fax)
703/370-5661 (home phone)

District Commissioner:
Mike Porter
703/425-8489 (home phone) (home e-mail)

District Executive:
Paul Kosmicki
301/214-9122 (work phone)
703/280-4044 (home phone) (home e-mail)

Deputy District Chair:
Tom Baerwald
703/765-3128 (home phone)
703/306-1502 (NSF phone)
202/633-9866 (Smithsonian phone) (home e-mail) (NSF e-mail) (Smithsonian e-mail)

Vice Chair for Membership:
Jim Poole
703/799-7046 (home phone)
202/565-1174 (work phone) (work e-mail)

Vice Chair for Finance:

Vice Chair for Communications and Administration:
Helen Garamone
703/360-5692 (home phone)
703/325-9762 (work phone) (work e-mail)

Vice Chair for Program:
Mike Crane
703/660-6148 (home phone)
703/695-8883 (work phone) (home e-mail) (work e-mail)

Training Team Leader:
Dominick Caridi
703/360-9206 (home phone)
202/268-6488 (work phone) (work e-mail)

Camping and Outdoors Team Leader:
Craig Goheen
703/440-8226 (home phone) (home e-mail)

Activities and Civic Service Team Leader:
Bill Stewart
703/642-8942 (home phone)
202/452-4163 (work phone) (home e-mail) (work e-mail)

Advancement Team Leader:

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