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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA


Volume 1, Issue #2 ONLINE EDITION August 1998


Mike Crane

Vice Chairman - Program



Hi, my name is Bill Stewart. I have been asked to be the team leader this year for Activities and Civic Service. We have several great activities this year. They are the District Camporees, a Merit Badge Jamboree, the Pinewood Derby, a Cub "Spring Fling", Scouting for Food, and Scout Anniversary Week.

The Fall Camporee planning is underway and is being chaired by Jim Garamone. He has written an article about it elsewhere in this issue.

Scouting for Food is chaired by Pete Farnham with able assistance from three experienced S4F persons, Dominick Caridi, Demi Pulas, and Bill Stewart. Pete could use 2 more people to round the group out. We will be operating as S4F has been in years past in the former GW district with each unit who helped last year getting their same areas as they had last year. Pete plans on a few changes for this year which he will embellish on in the next News.

We need volunteers to lead the Merit Badge Jamboree, the Spring Camporee, the Pinewood Derby, the Cub Spring Fling and Anniversary Week. If you wish to volunteer please call Bill Stewart on 642-8942 or if you wish to use e-mail my addresses are (home) (work) Last but not least a little about myself. I have been in Scouting as a Scouter since 1990 and have worn various hats at both the unit and district levels. Many of you know me from Cub roundtable and from Camporee staff. I currently am the Unit Commissioner for Venturing Crew 80 and am on the committee of Troop 980 in the Old Dominion District.


The first Colonial District Camporee is set for Oct. 16-18. The site will change mainly to place it closer to the district so the Fourth Grade Webelos may attend.

I still need volunteers to handle program, logistics and administration. There will be a meeting at my house (Jim Garamone 9009 Stratford Lane) Aug. 13 for all interested in helping run the camporee. Stratford Lane is one mile north of Mount Vernon off the George Washington Parkway.

For directions or to volunteer or just to get more information please call 360-5692 (home) or 428-0610 (work).


Working at the NCAC-Goshen Bus loading each weekend is an experience to behold. A very well organized event, it provides me a good look at who

is going to our council camp, and when they go. I also get to see the boys returning and I can see the changes, and get a good reading on how we are doing in providing the boys new experiences. With a new district, it was hard to pick out all our units, because I haven't gotten to meet them yet. Good things take time.

Back to summer camp. It is pure joy to see the youngest scouts, returning from WEBELOS camps (Ross and PMI), bubbling with joy and yelling at the parents as they off-load a bus. They are trying to tell their parents everything they did, as fast as they can tell it. And of course there are the baskets, stools, and leather kits, tumbling with the kids as they laugh, giggle and shout. You should see it.

And the older scouts returning from Lenhoksin (the high adventure trail) are usually solemn. The week prior they were nervous, not sure 0what to expect. Now you can sense their successes and their pride as

they wear their special patch.

The in between scouts (camps Bowman, Olmstead, and Marriott) are a mixed bag. Some spout the enthusiasm of the WEBELOS, and some swagger like the older boys from Lenhoksin. Summer camp is the OUT in SCOUT.

As we begin this new year, with our new district we should each work to make sure our troops and packs get the most from summer camps. Lets get the word out, and the phone numbers so people can get the real information. Did you know that there are opportunities for individual scouts to go to camp to work on eagle advancements, or high adventure, or to be in the regular programs? Did you know that 14 year olds can work as Counselors-In-Training(CIT)? If you didn't, then I, and my team haven't done our job. A job that we believe needs to be done well. As the school year begins your unit should be planning next years summer camp. Need Help? Need Ideas? That's why we have roundtables. Still too busy? Still have questions? Give my house a call. If we aren't OUT Scouting, then any of the voices on this end can get you the answer you need -- (703)440-8226. The Scouting is Outing Bunch


Venture Hike-o-ree

Just a quick reminder that there will be two Venture Hike-o-rees this fall, October 2-4 and November 6-8. A troop may select either weekend, but because of space limitations, scouts may attend only one Hike-o-ree. Hike-o-ree registrations forms were passed out at the May roundtables. Final shirt count for the October Hike-o-ree is due September 20, so if you are planning on attending the first Hike-o-ree, there isn't much time left. If you need more information, please contact Cooper Wright, (703) 971-0044 (home) or (703) 339-6222 (work) or e-mail at

Venture Roundtable

Venture Roundtable will kick off the 98-99 Scouting year in September. It will be held in conjunction with the Old Dominion roundtable. The roundtable will be hosted by the Venture Scout coordinators for each of the three districts. This year we plan to have the Venture Roundtable reach out Venture Roundtable to expand and include not only Venture patrols at the troop level, but also Varsity Teams and Venturing Crews. Come be a part and share your high adventure experiences and program ideas. Let's work together to provide the best possible program for our older scouts.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

New Outdoor Store Opens

Galyan's Trading Company opened its doors to the public on August 7. Located on Fair Lakes Circle in Fairfax, the store carries the latest in outdoor equipment, including backpacking, kayaking and canoeing gear. It also boasts of having a 4-story high climbing wall. Galyan's can be reached at (703) 803-0300.

Cooper Wright

Northern Virginia Venture Scout Coordinator,

(H) 703-971-0044 (W) 703- 934-6300


Go High Adventure! Keep the Outing in Scouting. Make sure your Scouts have an opportunity for high adventure experience that will leave a lifetime of memories. Provisional expeditions are being planned by NCAC to several High Adventure bases in 1999. These trips are a good method to get Scouts to High Adventure bases. Costs listed are tentative. Scouts desiring to participate must submit individual applications. If a small group of Scouts from a unit wishes to participate together, the individual applications must be submitted together. NCAC handles all of the planning, movement, and training for these trips. Applications for provisional trips are available at roundtables or you can ball Bo Kosta at 703-569-5022 for an application.

More Information on High Adventure Bases - Where to Write:

Florida Sea Base P.O. Box 1206
Islamorada, FL 33036

Northern Tier
P.O. Box 509
Ely, MN 55731

Maine Canoe Base Maine High Adventure
Boy Scouts of America
HCR 74, Box 69
Whiting, ME 04691


Philmont Scout Ranch
Cimarron, NM 87714


Copyright 1998

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