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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA


Volume 1, Issue #1 ONLINE EDITION June 1998


Welcome to the Grand Opening of Colonial District, your link to Scouting in the National Capital Area Council, BSA. Thanks to the superb efforts of the transition team lead by Tom Baerwald, we are off to a great start and ready to help you to deliver the promise of Scouting to the Scouts you serve.

What exactly is a district any way? Simply put it is a geographical division of your local area BSA Council organized to provide you with service at the neighborhood level in support of your unit. That service takes the form of great programs like district camporees, roundtables, training, commissioner support, and much more.

Where is Colonial District? Our district includes all of the city of Alexandria and that part of Fairfax County that is East of the RF&P tracks or I-95, whichever is more Easterly. On the South and East, we are bounded by the lower stretches of Occoquan Creek and by the Potomac. (Please see the map.) 

Will we still have great roundtables, camporees, and other good stuff? You bet! Many talented and experienced Scouters have stepped forward and volunteered their time and energy to help make our new district a roaring success. And as more people come forward we will do even better. Our roundtables are already scheduled, camporees are being planned in detail, and new ideas are getting a good review. We’re glad to have you as a part of the Colonial District and know that together we are going to be doing some great Scouting.


Copyright 1998

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