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Colonial District                                                                                                      December 6, 1999

National Capital Area Council



Instructions for Scoutmasters


The Colonial District Merit Badge Jamboree will take place on Saturday, February 26, 2000, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at Carl Sandburg Middle School, Fort Hunt Road (just south of Aldersgate UMC).  In the event of heavy snow the Jamboree will be held on an announced “snow date.”


Scoutmasters play a central role in the registration process.  You need to know which Scouts will be going, to approve the Merit Badges they want to take, and to give any necessary guidance and counseling beforehand.   We need your help in making registration go smoothly and getting your Scouts signed up for the badges they’re interested in taking.   Please read the following carefully.


Registration.   Copies of the Registration Form are attached.   Please distribute them to your Scouts as quickly as possible and make arrangements to get the completed forms back from your Scouts promptly.  The completed forms require your signature.  Completed registration forms and checks (payable to NCAC) for the registration fee of $15.00 should be returned at the January Roundtable.  If for some reason neither you nor anyone else in your Troop can be at the Roundtable, then mail the registration forms and checks to David Stewart, SM T1515, 1101 North Gaillard Street, Alexandria, VA 22304-1607 no later than January 12.  Classes will be assigned on a “first-come, first-served” basis, so don’t be the last to register.   Because of the need to schedule Scouts, instructors and classrooms, registration forms received after January 19 will not be accepted.


Confirmations.  We will provide you "confirmation and parental permission" forms at the February Roundtable.   These will show the Scout's classes, times, rooms, etc.   The completed permission forms will serve as the Scouts' admission tickets and must be brought to the Jamboree.


Fee.  In addition to administrative expenses (school rental, insurance, materials, etc.), the registration fee includes lunch (pizza, drink, cookies) and a special Jamboree Patch for each Scout.   Please let us know at the January Roundtable if any of your Scouts have special dietary requirements.


Badges.  Scouts may take up to six (6) hours of merit badge instruction (one 6-hour class, two 3-hour classes, or a 2-and-3 or 2-and-4 combination).  However, Scouts may only register for one (1) Citizenship badge.  A tentative schedule of classes is attached.  Each Scout should indicate a first and second choice, as well as an alternate.  We will make every effort to give each Scout his first choices.  Please remind your Scouts that the purpose of this Jamboree is to provide them an opportunity to begin working with qualified counselors on badges they might not be able to take at the troop level.   It is not to make it easy for them to earn lots of badges quickly.  Encourage them to take advantage of the wide variety of badges by trying new areas of interest.    


Homework, etc.   For the majority of badges, Scouts are required to work on or complete a number of requirements before the Jamboree (research, writing a report, preparing a diagram, building something, visiting somewhere, etc.).   A list of the required homework is attached.   A few badges will require a small extra fee for materials, kits, etc., and these are indicated on the attached list.   Finally, a few badges will require Scouts to do some work outside (cycling and skiing) on the day of the Jamboree.   A number of badges will require additional work (visits, continuing work over a period of time).  Please be sure your Scouts understand these requirements.


Uniforms.  Class “A” uniforms will be worn for the Jamboree. The Jamboree is an excellent time for Scouts to wear their Merit Badge Sashes,  too.


                Deadlines.  Registration forms must be signed and returned at the January 12 Roundtable.   Because of the need to schedule classes, instructors and rooms, all registrations must be received by January 19.  No walk-in registrations can be accepted the day of the Jamboree.  Cancellations will be accepted in writing up until February 14; after that, the registration fee will be non-refundable.  Out-of-Council and out-of-District registrations are welcomed.   In the event of over-subscription preference will be given to Colonial District Scouts.


                Blue Cards.   For this Jamboree, the Scoutmaster's signature on the registration form will serve the purpose of indicating the necessary permission for the Scout to begin work on the relevant badges.  Merit Badge Counselors will complete and sign the standard blue cards at the Jamboree (subject to a few exceptions, such as the Radio badge, requiring continuing work).  We will return these cards to Scoutmasters at the March Roundtable.   In the event of "partials" (requirements remaining to be completed), Scouts will have the option of continuing with the Jamboree Counselor or choosing another qualified counselor.   


MB Counselor Registration and Training.  All adults participating as MB Counselors in the Jamboree must be registered in advance with NCAC.  Registration forms are available from NCAC or by calling Jeff Schweiger at (703) 461-9632; completed forms should be returned promptly to Jeff Schweiger at 203 Yoakum Parkway #1211, Alexandria, VA 22304-3734.   All Counselors are required to attend a short orientation session on February 2 at 7:30 at Groveton Baptist Church,  6511 Richmond Highway (across from the north end of Beacon Mall). 


Volunteers Needed.  A number of volunteers (both Scout and adult) will be needed to assist at various jobs during the Jamboree, including registration, the midway, lunch, first aid station, NCAC trading post, and the adult training sessions.  Volunteers will get a free lunch, and Scouts could earn service hours for helping.   Please ask adults and Scouts in your Troop to  call Jeff Schwieger at (703) 461-9632 to volunteer.


Midway.   The main purpose of the Jamboree is to provide Scouts with an opportunity to connect with qualified counselors on badges of interest.  To facilitate these connections on badges for which no classroom instruction is being offered at this Jamboree, a MB Midway will be staffed through the lunch period with information, displays, etc.    Anyone wishing to set up a display should contact Jeff Schweiger at the number given above.


Scouter Training.  We plan to offer a concurrent training program for adult Scouters during the Jamboree.   Among the courses which may be offered are: FAST START, Youth Protection Training, Ethics in Action, Safe Swim Defense, Orientation for Troop Merit Badge Counselors, Health and Safety, and “Cold Wet and Alive.”  Please encourage your Troop Committee Members and parents to attend.  Let us know if you have other suggestions for this concurrent training.  No fee will be charged for this training; however, if adults want to spend the day, visit MB classes, have lunch, and get a patch, a supplemental fee of $5 will be charged.  Additional information will be made available at the January and February Roundtables.




Brief Schedule for the day:


                7:30 – 9:30              Set up

8:30 – 9:00              Sign in

9:00 – 9:30              Opening Remarks and Expectations

9:30 – 4:30              Merit Badges

11:30 – 1:30            Lunch

4:30 – 5:00              Wrap Up  (No closing planned)







Colonial District                                                                                                                      December 6, 1999

National Capital Area Council




Preliminary Schedule



Midway:  Aviation, Archaeology, etc.

During lunch: 



Citizenship in the World,  Metalworking, Railroading,  Theater


Six (6) hour:




                                Morning                                                                                                Afternoon







Space Exploration

Traffic Safety

Truck Transportation







Crime Prevention



Public Speaking

Snow Sports/Skiing

Three (3) hour:
















                                            Morning                                                                                Afternoon

American Business

Atomic Energy




Model Design






Coin Collecting Collections Disabilities Awareness




Two (2) hour:                                                              Four (4) hour: 





















Colonial District                                                                                      February 26, 2000






IMPORTANT:  This form must be turned in at registration.  You will not be allowed to attend the Jamboree without a signed, completed form.





Scout's Name:        ____________________________________________        Troop: ____________         


Address:  ____________________________________________________________________


Telephone:  _____________________________  Email:  _________________________       


Emergency Contact:  ____________________________________________________

Provide the name and phone number of a person (other than an immediate family member) who can

be contacted in the event of an emergency if no one can be reached at the telephone number listed above.




The Scout named above has my permission to ride with an adult leader to the Colonial District Jamboree.  I hereby release the Colonial District adult leaders from liability in the event of an accident involving this Scout during the Merit Badge Jamboree.


_________________________________________________  Date: ____________________

                                Signature of Parent or Guardian


Hospitalization and medical insurance company:  ______________________________________

Policy Number: ________________________           


Date of last tetanus shot:  __________________

Does this Scout have any known allergies to medication?  [  ] yes  [  ] no 

If yes, please specify: ________________________________________________


List medications currently being taken: ________________________________________


Other information that would be helpful to persons administering emergency care:



For Medicine Badge:  [  ]  I give permission for this Scout to have his blood pressure taken as part of working on the requirements.       ________________________________



For Atomic Energy Badge:    [  ]  I understand that this badge includes proxivolves workd 4                                                           ________________________________