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Cub Scout Leader Basic Training (CSLBT) Registration

Training Date:1 Apr 00

Name __________________________________________________________

BSA Reg# (if known): _________________ FastStart Training Completed: Yes/No

Address ________________________________________________________

Telephone:(W) _______________________(H) ________________________

Email Address(es):________________________________________________



I have and will bring my Cub Scout Leader Handbook:Yes/No


If not, I wish to Purchase a Cub Scout Leader Handbook at CSLBT:Yes/No


MISC.:Wear Scout Leader Uniform; bring your lunch and a pen/pencil.


COST:$8.00 Registration/Training Materials Fee.Cash/Check (to: BSA NCAC)


HOW:For further info and to register, contact Cub Scout Leader Training Team:


Mark Benedict†††††† Phone/Fax:(703) 924-0457< >

Jeff Fox†††††††††††† Phone: (703) 780-0693Deb KemptonPhone: (703) 799-7260†††††

Lisa Bonnett†† ††††††† Phone: (703) 329-1855††† Brad BaileyPhone: (703) 263-7148


WHERE:Aldersgate United Methodist Church (in Founderís Hall; west entrance of building), 1301 Collingwood Road, Alexandria.See directions/map on back, or at the church website at:< >


WHEN:Saturday, 1 April 2000.0815-1545 (8:15 am - 3:45 pm).Registration on site begins at 0800.Youth Protection Training will be held 1200-1345.


WHAT:Help show how to do leadership jobs, understand aims and purposes of Scouting program, improve ability to work with boys and other leaders, plan an effective CS program, and our Cub Scouts deserve qualified, trained leaders to provide the best program possible!


WHO:New Colonial District Cub Scout leaders, and those who have not yet completed the BSA-approved and required Cub Scout basic training.CSLBT is Step 2 of the BSA training plan, and includes Youth Protection Training (YPT) certification in the afternoon.