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Colonial District Crier









Volume 2  Issue 4              The Colonial District Crier         November 1999


Don't Miss Out on Great Scouting




It's never to early to start developing lists of New Year's resolutions, especially for a year as momentous as 2000.  If you are an adult leader

associated with a Boy Scout troop (or you soon will be because your son, the Second-Year Webelos will be bridging over to a troop in the spring, make your first resolution to sign up for Scoutmastership Fundamentals, the basic Boy Scout adult leader training course.


SMF is not just for current and future Scoutmasters; it's an ideal course for those who will work as Assistant Scoutmasters or Troop Committee members, too. Tom Baerwald will be the course director, with able assistance from Dave Stewart and many other members of the Colonial Boy Scout Training Team, which is one of the finest training teams in the NCAC.   


The next SMF course will be in March 2000, with an evening meeting on Thursday, March 9; an all-day meeting on Saturday, March 11; and a campout on Friday evening and all day Saturday, March 17-18.  Mark those March dates on your calendar and look for more information regarding the course and how to register on the in future issues of the Colonial District Crier or on the Colonial District Website at





Colonial District’s Second

Merit Badge Jamboree

26 February 2000


The Second Annual District Merit Badge Jamboree will be held Saturday, February 26, at Carl Sandburg Middle School, on Fort Hunt Road in Alexandria from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The Jamboree will offer a wide range of Merit Badges taught by specially qualified counselors, emphasizing (but not limited to) those which are difficult to organize and present at the Troop level.  Among those offered (or proposed) last year, and which we plan to offer again, are the following (next page):



Merit Badge Jamboree Offerings:


American Heritage         









Crime Prevention           


Disabilities Awareness





Finger Printing  

Fire Safety                    



Indian Lore                   








Public Speaking 


Space Exploration          


Stamp Collecting           


Traffic Safety                


Truck Transportation     

Veterinary Medicine


Sessions will last 2, 4, or 6 hours, depending on the requirements of the particular badge. Scouts will be able to take a maximum of 6 hours of instruction.  Depending on enrollment, a Scout could therefore enroll in two 2 hours sessions, or a 2 hour and a 4 hour session, or one 6 hour session (Radio or Railroading, for example).  


The main purpose of the Jamboree is to enable Scouts to make direct contact with qualified counselors in the Colonial District and to begin work on badges in which they have a particular interest.  Depending on the requirements, a Scout may be able to complete all the requirements for a given badge in one day, although many if not most  badges will require pre- or post-Jamboree work.  




Class A uniforms will be worn by all Scouts and Scouters.  Scouts are encouraged to wear their merit badge sashes as well.




All participants should pre-register by the January 12 District Roundtable.  Registration forms and other details will be made available at the November and December District Roundtables.  Because of the need to schedule counselors and classrooms, no walk-in registrations can be accepted.  Out-of-District registrations will be accepted on a space-available basis.




We expect the fee to be $15, covering registration, insurance, instruction, patch, and lunch.  Some badges may require a small supplemental fee for materials.


Staff and Counselors Eat for Free


Are you qualified and willing to present one of the badges listed above?  Or do you want to present a different badge?  Do you know of someone else who would be able to do it?  Please let us know as soon as possible.  We’ll be having orientation sessions for all counselors in early February.   Can you help with registration and/or administration?   Scouts can earn service hours for assisting, before and during the Jamboree.  Free lunch will be provided to all staff.


Information/Suggestions/To Volunteer:


Contact the District Advancement Chair, Jim Schweiger, at 703-461-9632, or by email at, or the Boy Scout Training Team Leader, Dave Stewart, 703-461-7233, email:


Cub Scout Leader Basic Training & Youth Protection Training


Our Colonial District CSLBT and YPT on 30 October 1999 at Wesley United Methodist Church was a tremendous success with thirty-eight (38) adult leaders attending. Thank you all for attending, participating, and completing evaluation forms! Congratulations to the following graduates, now qualified to wear the TRAINED badge:  


Shelly Brooks                 (PACK 118)

Bill Dodson                     (PACK 118)

Jesse Hobson                 (PACK 118)  

Tonny Ratliff                  (PACK 118)

Darryl Sharp                  (PACK 118)

Bruce Thornal                (PACK 118)  

Kim Frankena                 (PACK 129)

Frank Black III                (PACK 602)   

Don Lee                         (PACK 602)   

Ellyn Gallagher Linahi      (PACK 602)  

John Meyering                (PACK 602)  

Ann Ross                       (PACK 602)  

Rebecca Wheeler           (PACK 602)  

Blair Brown                    (PACK 658)  

Bill Creswell                   (PACK 658)  

Bob Kuhn                       (PACK 680)  

Thomas Williams            (PACK 867)  

Nancy Billet                    (PACK 876)   

Bill Convery                    (PACK 876)   

Sue Davis                      (PACK 876)   

Deborah Finklang           (PACK 876)   

Rita Pihlgren                  (PACK 876)   

Rosemary Salak             (PACK 876)  

Steven Baldree               (PACK 1504)   

Bradley Carriker             (PACK 1504)   

Cindy Peterson               (PACK 1504)   

Nancy Skelly                  (PACK 1504)  

Llarna Burnett                (PACK 1509)  

Michael Fijalka               (PACK 1509)  

Don Reiter                     (PACK 1515)  

Sally Frodge Barton        (PACK 1519)   

Kiki Michelli                    (PACK 1519)  

Daniel Jones                  (PACK 1519)   

Lydia Preston Hicks         (PACK 1519)   

Donna Zumwalt (PACK 1520)  

Rutha Piper                    (PACK 1943)   

Franz Probst                  (PACK 1943)   


Also completing YPT were:


John Luce (PACK 602)

Joseph Kelly, Jr. (PACK 614)


Thanks to Pete Straub (District Chairman), Paul Kosmicki (District Executive), Dominick Caridi (District Training Chairman), and Dave Stewart (District Boy Scout Training Chairman) for attending and supporting our training.


Congratulations are certainly also due to the following graduates of our inaugural CSLBT and YPT session on 25 Sep 99:


Suzanne Kilby                (PACK 129)

Dave Hawkins                (PACK 614)

Linda Phelps                  (PACK 614)

Jim Hellwege                 (PACK 658)

Frank Tse                      (PACK 658)

Thomas Grigsby             (PACK 876)

Mike O’Neil                    (PACK 888)

Jeanne Leggett               (PACK 1943)

Mary Ann Larzelere        (PACK 1076)

Kyle Burke                     (PACK 1504)

Sheila Andahazy             (PACK 1520)

Carmen Epstein (PACK 1515)


Special thanks to the outstanding dedication, preparation and execution by members of the District Cub Scout Leaders Training Team:  Jeff Fox, Brad (‘Nature Boy’) Bailey, Lisa Bonnett, Deb Kempton, and George Trimble.


Next scheduled CSLBT for Colonial District is 12 Feb 2000 (location to be determined). 


The District policy on the requirement for adult leaders to undergo periodic updates on Youth Protection Training (YPT) is currently under review. 


1999 NCAC Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow -- “Cub Scouting Over the Rainbow” -- November 20, 1999


Learning extravaganza for any adult Cub Scout Leader, hands-on workshop, idea conference, convention.  Courses include:  New Leader training (including YPT), Tiger Coach training, Den & Webelos Leader Training, Pack Program, Outdoor Programs, Cub Scout Spirit, etc.  Location:  High Point High School, 3601 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville, MD.  Full-day registration fee ($25) includes six classes, patch, book, and lunch.  Registration forms available now from any District Training team member or other District officer.


NCAC Train-the Trainer Conference, January 22, 2000


For all Training Team Chairpersons and members, Roundtable Commissioners and Staff Members (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, Exploring).  Location:  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 5300 Auth Road, Suitland, MD.  Registration fee ($7.00).  Registration forms available now from any District Training Team member or other District officer.


Webelos Leader Outdoor Training (WLOT), March 25-26, 2000


For all Cub Scout adult leaders wanting to learn more about the Webelos Outdoor Program.  Bring your own camping gear and food -- WLOT presents ‘how-to’, ‘hands-on’, training in planning and conducting Webelos overnight campouts and other outdoor activities.  Location TBD.  Registration ($19 in advance, $20 at site) includes project materials, instruction supplies, handouts, patch and mug.  Registration forms available now from any District Training Team member or other District officer.


Cub Scout Pack/Leaders Awards


Congratulations to Susan Feeney Moller (PACK 867), for completing the Cub Scout Leader Recognition Plan and earning the Cubmaster Award!


Congratulations to Cub Scout Pack 1503 for conducting an Effective Summer-time Program and earning the National Summertime Pack Award for 1999!


Cubmasters and Pack Committees – please submit completed Cub Scout Leader Recognition Plans for your adult leaders to members of the District Training Team for processing.  Let’s be sure to recognize the dedication and hard work of our volunteer leaders!

Cub Scout “Training 2000” Award


Packs and districts can earn this recognition award, which includes a unit flag streamer, for the current calendar year (1999).   Requirements:  Each Pack must have 100% of its registered den leaders (Wolf/Bear/Webelos Den Leaders) Basic Leader Trained; each district will qualify if at least 60% of its packs qualify.  Application forms now available from any District Training Team member or other District officer.


University of Scouting


The next University of Scouting is scheduled for March 18, 2000, at a location TBD.  Catalogs will be available in December.


If anyone in the District who attended the University of Scouting this year has not received degrees/certificates, please contact a member of the District Training Team ASAP.


Guide to Safe Scouting


            There is now a second (2nd) 1999 revision to the official BSA Guide to Safe Scouting, the unit leader’s guide to current policies and procedures to safe activities in Scouting.  Stand by for a summary of changes to be posted. 


Akela Calls – June 2000

(more information to follow).


Your Colonial District Cub Scout Training Team is here to support you!  Leader Training helps you learn how to do your job better, to better understand the aims and purposes of the Scouting program, improve your ability to work with the boys and other leaders, plan an effective Cub Scouting program, and most importantly…our Cub Scouts deserve qualified, trained leaders to provide them the best – most fun and safe – program possible!




Mark Benedict

Chair, Cub Scout Training Team, Colonial District, NCAC, BSA

(703) 924-0457  < >






The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens


If you buy your teenager only one present this Christmas, make sure it is Sean Covey’s new book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  The son of author Stephen Covey, Sean Covey applies the principles of 7 Habits to teens and the life-changing decisions they face.  Covey provides a step-by-step guide to help teens improve their self image, build friendships, resist peer pressure and achieve their goals.  The book is written for teens with cartoons, ideas, quotes and stories about other teens.  We plan to use it within our crew during our Venturing Leadership Skills training in December.  There is also a workbook that helps teens apply the principles they have read.


Venturing Roundtable


The Venturing Roundtable meets on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning at 8 PM at Aldersgate United Methodist Church at the corner of Fort Hunt Road and Collingswood Road.  Each Roundtable will feature one of the twenty-six Ranger core and elective requirements taught by Venturing advisors and outside consultants that work with Venturing crews including:

November          Land Navigation/Orienteering



December          Watercraft/Whitewater MB         


January             Leave No Trace 


February           Wilderness Survival/Wilderness

Survival MB


March               First Aid/First Aid MB


April                  Caving


May                  Cooking/Cooking MB


June                  Mountaineering/Climbing MB


Because of the similarity of these program activities to those in the Boy Scout Venture and Varsity programs, Assistant Scoutmasters for Venture and Varsity Team coaches from ALL districts are encouraged to attend.  Please come and be a part of this new program!


Venturing Bronze and Gold Awards


This past month, Venturer and Eagle Scout William Holloway of Crew 1519 received the Venturing Bronze and Gold awards.  Bill served as the crew’s president when the crew was first organized in September of 1998.  Bill is a senior at Hayfield High School, the president of his church’s bible study, a member of the Hayfield swimming team.  His scouting background includes the 1997 National Jamboree, Lenhok’sin Trail, Adirondacks High Adventure Area, and Philmont Scout Ranch.  He is working on his Silver and Ranger awards and should complete all requirements by January of 2000.


New Venturing Web Site


John Wolfgang, National Training Director for Learning for Life, and a Venturing crew advisor in Maryland has recently put on line a Venturing

website with just about everything you would want or need for Venturing.  Check it out at


10th Annual Venture Hike-o-ree



Over 500 participants attended the 10th Annual Venture Hike-o-ree on the weekends of October 1-3 and November 5-7, 1999.  Thanks go out to Troops 1140 and 1131 that presented incredible slide shows of their crews’ treks to Canada and Switzerland this past summer.  Also many thanks to staff members Garry Briese, Wally Feurtado, Vince DeStefano, Mike DeStefano, John Wells, George Murdock, Bill Wells, Dave McCoy, John Spencer, Dirck Praeger, Mike Praeger, Ben Kinchole, and Buck O’Reilly who worked hard to make this a great event. 


Appalachian Trail Guides on CD-ROM


Virtually all of the official Appalachian Trail Guides including maps are now available on CD-ROM.  The compact disks integrate the latest information from the A.T. Data Book-1999 and 10 Trail guide sets with Maptech’s Terrain Navigator software.  The map sections can be viewed in four zoom levels, with path elevation and line-of-sight profiling, aided by an extensive

place-finder data base.  Way-points or routes can be loaded into GPS units.  The CD-ROMs can be purchased from the Appalachian Trail Conference by mail (ATC/Dept SD, PO Box 807, Harpers Ferry, WV, 25425), by toll free telephone (888-287-8673) or on line (


Senior Scouting History Web Site


Michael Brown, Advisor for Crew 1838 has recently established a web site that records the history of the various Senior Scouting programs of the BSA.  Since the establishment of Sea Scouts in the BSA in 1912, National has created several programs for older boys and girls over the years including Sea Scouts, Explorers Scouts, Rovering, Senior Scouts, Explorers, Air Scouts, Career Awareness Exploring, Venture, Varsity and Venturing.  The current Venturing and Sea Scout programs are but the most recent version of programs that stretch back to the early days of Scouting.  In fact, the Venturing

Bronze, Gold, Silver and Ranger awards date back to the 1940s and 1950s. Check it out at


The Servant Leader

by Robert Greenleaf


The servant leader makes sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served.  The best test is: Do those being served grow as persons?  Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?  And, what is the effect on the least privileged in society; will they benefit or at least, not be further deprived.


Cooper Wright

Colonial District V3 Coordinator                   

Northern Virginia Venture Coordinator  

home (703) 971-0044 work (703) 358-2802





It is a little late for this hike, especially considering the magnificent colors that existed in Oct.  But still the Big Schloss hike can fill the needs of a day hike, an overnighter, a weekender, or prep for a high adventure trail.  Big Schloss sits on the ridge line that is the border between Virginia and West Virginia.  For a day hike you can drive all the way to Wolf Gap and hike the 2.2 miles (oneway) in a little over an hour with an elevation increase of just over 700 feet.  If your are adventure some you can use ciruit hikes from several different points that can run as much as 15 miles with an elevation increase of over 1600 feet. 


You can get to Big Schloss by taking I-66 west then I-81 south exiting I-81 at Woodstaock.  Then follow VA 42 west for about 7 miles.  In Columbia Furnace turn onto and ascend VA675 for 6.5 miles to Wolf Gap Recreation area.  Use PATC Maf F "Great North Mountain -- North Half of George Washington National Forrest". 


For the more adventure find your want to Little Stoney Creek.  Follow the Creek all the way up to Sugar Knob Cabin (Can't use it, but you can camp).  From Sugar Knob Cabin you can go north on Mill Mountain Trail all the way to Big Schloss, a hike of over 12 miles.  Water is scarce after you leave stone creek trail, so plan to carry a lot.  There are lots of camping places along the trails, to include small sites on Big Schloss. The view is excellent, over 300 degrees of view at one of the higher peaks in Virginia.


Questions, comments, or feedback - give me a call at (703) 440-8226










Colonial Chapter

Order of the Arrow



Chapter Meeting


     There will be a Chapter meeting and Election on Sunday, November 21 at 4:30 PM. We will meet at Aldersgate United Methodist Church, the same place for Roundtable. Yes, the Redskins are playing that day against the New York Giants but we need to have this meeting. For those of you who were at the Fall Camporee, remember, Sunday late afternoon won out over other possible meeting times.


A letter was sent out early this week for those Arrowmen we have addresses for, telling them about the meeting. Thanks to all of the leaders and boys who gave me information at the Camporee. However, I still need your help in getting names, addresses, & phone numbers of every Arrowman in each unit. Unit Leaders, please make a list of all Arrowmen in your unit and email it to me at:  ACC77@  or mail it to me at 7114 Devonshire Rd  Alexandria, VA 22307-1817.


We MUST have an election and have boys willing to step up to leadership positions for the Chapter. If your unit has older Arrowmen who are not as enthusiastic about Scouting as they once were, there are places for them to do Cheerful Service for the Chapter.  The chapter is boy led, just like a troop.  As adult leaders, our responsibility is to guide them.  To that end, adults need to also step up to Cheerful Service to be Advisers.  The Order of the Arrow is committed to Cheerful Service. It is modeled on Native American traditions. A tribe or clan succeeds or suffers depending upon everyone doing their part to help the other members. I know that everyone is busy with other commitments.  However, if many step up, then the work load is spread out and doesn't take up too much of our time. 


Please consider how you can be of Cheerful Service to the Colonial Chapter.  Come to the Chapter Meeting on the 21st ready to make the Colonial Chapter the BEST Chapter in the Amangamek Wipit Lodge.



2000 Lodge Dues Increase


In the handout that was distributed at the October Roundtable, the cost of Lodge dues was listed as $6. THE ACTUAL COST IS $7.  Please inform OA members in your unit of the increase. We will be collecting 2000 dues at the Chapter Meeting on 21 November and the December Roundtable. Please advise the Arrowmen in your unit NOT TO SEND IN THEIR DUES TO THE COUNCIL, TURN THEM IN TO THE CHAPTER SO WE CAN RECORD THEM, THEN TURN OVER TO THE LODGE. Thanks for your help in getting the corrected information out to everyone.


In Cheerful Service,

Sue Crane, Colonial Chapter Adviser

(703)-660-6148     email:
































District Executive:

  Paul Kosmicki                  (H)    703-370-2537          (W)   301-214-9122


District Commissioner:

  Mike Porter                      (H)    703-425-8489            (W)   703-751-3700


District Chairman:

  Pete Straub                      (H)    703-370-5661        (W)   703-820-3600

                                        (Fax) 703-820-8602

Vice Chair (Admin):
Tom Baerwald               (H)    703-765-3128             (W)   703-306-1754

Vice Chair (Finance)

  Pat Tokarz                       (W)   703-379-8879


Vice Chair (Membership):

  Jim Poole                                (H)    703-799-7046         (W)   202-565-1174


Vice Chair (Program):

  Mike Crane                      (H)    703-660-6148 (W)    202-404-8926
























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10       District Roundtable/Unit Commissioner Meeting

11       Veterans Day

13       Scouting for Food Bag Pick-up

15-30   Unit Membership Inventory

16       Key 6 Meeting

17       District Committee Meeting

18       District Commissioner Leadership Team Meeting

20       Cub Scout Leaders Pow Wow

25       Thanksgiving

26-27   OA Vigil Inductions




1         District Award of Merit Nominations Due

8         District Roundtable/Unit Commissioner Meeting

14       Key 6 Meeting

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