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Colonial District Cub Scouters

Plan Now For Your





Are You An Adult Leader In A Cub Scout Pack?  If You Are, Then You Need To Begin Planning Your 1999 JOIN SCOUTING NIGHT (JSN99).  JSN99 will be Thursday, September 16, 1999.  JSN99 is the premier opportunity in 1999 to take the Cub Scout message to those boys in our community who are not yet part of the Scouting program and invite them and their parents to join the FUN! 


Scouting is for EVERY boy.  We need to do our best to ensure that every boy and parent in Colonial District is invited to join the adventure of Scouting, the one that will help shape the lives of those who are our future leaders of our communities and our nation.  On September 30, 1998, there were 937 registered Cub Scouts in Colonial District.  At the end of December, there were 1,363, or about 9 new Cubs in each of our 48 schools in the District.  On December 31, 1999, we hope to have 2,000 - this number represents 13 new Cubs in each school.  


Like everything else in Scouting, a successful Join Scouting campaign depends on our volunteers, those who are already in the program, who know what it offers to our youth and who will make the commitment to achieve success.  Each Cub Scout pack should begin planning now to invite all boys and their parents to an elementary school near their home to learn about Scouting and offered the opportunity to join a Cub Scout pack.  In the National Capital Area Council, it is the intent that every elementary school in the council be open on the same night - Thursday, September 16th.  If you are unable to conduct your JSN on the 16th, you should select a date that is closest to the 16th, but not later than the 16th, as registration forms are due on the 17th and 18th.


Join Scouting Night is a short, fast-moving session where boys and parents gather to see simple displays and to hear a brief outline for the Scouting program.  They will talk with adult leaders, fill out applications (parents, too), pay fees and get needed information about meetings and activities.


Join Scouting Night requires people to make it work well.  Each pack will need to identify a pack coordinator and one school coordinator for each of those schools where you recruit new Cubs (see list below).


The school coordinator presides at JSN99 program at the school, helps parents register the boys, collects the fees and turns the forms and fees over to the pack coordinator, who turns them in to Colonial District on Friday, September 17th or Saturday, September 18th.  To do a good job, these people need to be identified early and begin their coordination with their assigned school. 


The school coordinator has one more very important job - to make a classroom presentation in every classroom on the 16th and flyers to every boy who is eligible to become a Scout. 



National Capital Area Council recommends Join Scouting Night include exhibits and displays with Scouts in uniform and pictures of their activities.Name tags should be provided for parents It is critical to coordinate your use of a school room early with school authorities.  After conducting an opening ceremony, the school coordinator should briefly state the purpose of the meeting and describe the opportunities for Cubs and how parents can participate in the program.  Unit leaders should be introduced and given the opportunity to tell about the unit.  (Don't forget to invite a unit leader from your local Boy Scout troop to invite boys who are at least 11 to join the troop.)  You may want to organize separate meetings for parents and Tiger Cub leaders, Cub Scout leaders and Boy Scout leaders.  At these meetings, the leaders should emphasize the importance of the parent joining Scouting along with the boy, since Scouting is a volunteer organization.


NCAC also recommends that you provide information on the unit to include its leadership, meeting time and place, your chartered partner, Boys Life subscriptions, the program for 1999-2000, advancement and your Den organization.  You should conclude your JSN with a game for the boys and leave the school grounds by 9 PM.




·      Select your UNIT COORDINATOR AND SCHOOL COORDINATORS right away!  Don't wait until fall.

·      Tell us who your Unit Coordinator is.

·      Call or send an email to:

Jane Sanchez: 360-9181, OR

Jim Poole: 799-7046,


Your Unit Coordinator should attend the Join Scouting Night Orientation on August 11 OR September 8 to pick registration forms and other materials to make Join Scouting Night successful for your Pack, but let us know NOW who to talk to in your Pack to help you make Scouting available to every boy!


The following is the list of schools in Colonial District needing a Join Scouting Night presentation this September.  Each school is paired to one Cub Scout pack based upon the recruiting area for the pack. 


NOTE: The pack is asked to conduct a Join Scouting Night presentation at its associated school or schools and to recruit boys for that pack AND for any other pack that the parent wishes the boy to join, at the discretion of the parent.  Packs chartered to wards of the LDS Church are not expected to conduct a Join Scouting Night but should redouble their efforts to enroll all eligible boys in their packs. 


Area 1 Packs:      Paired School(s) for JSN99:


129             Barrett Elem., Mason Elem.

133             Lyles Crouch Elem., Maury ElemP.

602             Alexandria Country Day, Saint Mary?s

609             Jefferson Houston Elem.

614             James K. Polk Elem, Blessed Sacrament, Patrick Henry Elem.

615             Ramsey Elem., Adams Elem.

801             MacArthur Elem.

1108           Cora Kelly Elem., Mt. Vernon Elem.

1515           St. Stephens (Lower School), Grace Episcopal, Immanuel Lutheran


Area 2 Packs:      Paired School(s) for JSN99


867             Bush Hill Elem., Franconia Elem.

871             Groveton Elem.

1076           Calvary Road Christian, Lane Elem.

1520           Burgundy Farm Country Day, Cameron Elem., Clermont Elem.,  Mt. Eagle Elem., Rose Hill Elem.

1943           Browne Academy


Area 3 Packs:      Paired School(s) for JSN99


658             Belleview Elem., Bucknell Elem., Quander Road Elem.

680             St. Louis Catholic School, Hybla Valley Elem.

888             Stratford Landing Elem.

1504           Waynewood Elem.

1509           Fort Hunt Elem.

1852           Hollin Meadows Elem.


Area 4 Packs:      Paired School(s) for JSN99


118             Fort Belvoir Elem.

876 & 977 Aquinas Montessori, Mt. Vernon Woods Elem., Riverside Elem., Woodlawn Elem., Woodley Hills Elem.

1503           Washington Mill Elem., Engleside Christian

1519           Hayfield Elem.

1900           Gunston Elem.



                   JOIN SCOUTING NIGHT TURN IN


All packs should have already scheduled their Join Scouting Night, advertised it widely among potential new Cub Scouts and their parents, and coordinated their presentations with school officials at those elementary schools with which their pack is paired.


There will be only one opportunity to turn in new registration forms.  That will be from 7 - 10 PM on Friday, September 17th at Aldersgate Methodist Church.  The Membership Committee will be available at that time to review each registration form and ensure that your new Cub Scouts get registered without delay and will be able to fully participate in pack activities.


I wish to thank the Commissioner corps, and especially the Assistant District Commissioners, for their work in making Join Scouting Night a success in Colonial District.  Our goal is to sign up 13 NEW Cub Scouts in EACH of our 48 elementary schools in Colonial District.  Check this space next month for results. Questions to Jim Poole 799-7046 ( or Jane Sanchez 360-9181 (






202-404-8926 or e-mail:               



703-642-8942 or e-mail:


Colonial District Fall 1999 Camporee


Friday, October 1-Sunday, October 3, 1999 Gunston Hall Plantation, Mason Neck, Virginia Planning Coordinator: Jim Garamone; 703/360-5692 -H; 703/428-0610 -W; -W.


Jamboree on the Air - October 16, 1999


Jamboree on the Air will be on Saturday, October 16, 1999 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Here is an opportunity to explore the magic of radio. Talk with other scouts around the country and around the world. Webelos earn their Communicator achievement pin. Boy Scouts can start work on their Radio merit badge. Scouts of Venturing age can join our Crew and participate in many new and fun activities.  Join the rest of the district and Venturing Crew 80 at Jamboree on the Air. We are located at First Christian Church, 2723 King Street, Alexandria, Va. 22302


Venturing Crew 80 supports Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Y2K exercise


On Wednesday, September 1, 1999 the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments performed its Y2K exercise and Crew 80 was there. Venturing Crew 80 supplied and operated the net control station for the COG Y2K exercise. This involved the operation of the Amateur Radio station that controlled the activity. Several of our Crew members got the opportunity to work with the Emergency Operations Centers for the member jurisdictions of COG. The crew passed messages between COG Headquarters and the various jurisdictions that tested the ability of the Washington region to work and communicate together in the event of a major Y2K situation. Amateur Radio has been designated as the backup communications medium for the Council of Governments. The Crew members passed messages that included such possible scenarios as a shutdown of Metrorail, bomb threats by Millennium crazies, a helicopter crash on the Wilson Bridge and several others. It also included power outages and traffic problems. It basically covered all possible and some improbable problems that might happen when we move to the next millennium. Our Crew members performed skillfully using the training Scouting has provided. This is just one of the opportunities Scouts who are interested in what Venturing Crew 80 has to offer. If you wish to know more please speak with Demi Pulas the Crew Advisor or Bill Stewart associate advisor.      


Mount Vernon Encampment

The Spirit of George Washington Encampment  promises to be an exciting event that you won't want to miss. From Friday evening, November 5, to Sunday morning, November 7, nearly 1,000 Scouts and 150 adults leaders from troops, teams, crews, and posts across the council will enjoy two nights of camping and a full Saturday of program activities on the Mount Vernon grounds to help commemorate the life of George Washington. The Saturday program will include visits to the mansion and other attractions on the ground; opportunities to interact with re-enactors depicting Washington as President and Revolutionary soldiers; a special afternoon salute to George Washington in recognition of the 200th anniversary of his death the following month; and an exciting campfire with songs and skits from Washington's time.




Now that we are all back from the summer fun it is time to start looking at some of the available Scouting programs that are coming up.  As the District Coordinator for the Encampment at Mount Vernon scheduled for November 5-7, 1999, I must provide one last chance for participation in

this once in a lifetime activity.


Colonial District contains Mount Vernon and we must encourage everyone to take advantage of this first opportunity for Scouts to camp on the grounds of the historic site and participate in a special program supported by colonial re-enactors.  The District has been allocated 52 spots for Scouts and 9 Scouters.  As of this date, we still have several openings for both Scouts and Scouters.  The 10 rules of civility and community project do not need to be completed by the application deadline, the rules must be complete by the Encampment and the community project should be done by year's end.


Some of the Scouts have concerns about the requirements, they could be brainstormed at a Troop meeting.  For the 10 rules of civility, start a discussion about things people do that annoy you and the rules can be developed from the resulting ideas.  As far as the community project, it could be a bookshelf at a school or public library containing a range of books about George Washington, an article in a local or community newspaper or news letter, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about Washington's legacy to the country, arrange for a memorial service for Washington at your church, arrange for a church, school etc. to have bells tolled a 12 noon on December 14 to honor George Washington, conduct a flag ceremony using a period flag.  I am sure you can help the Scouts come up with some additional ways to honor George Washington.  These are not difficult or time consuming.


Please insure that information about the Encampment gets the widest possible dissemination among all of the District Units.  So far all of the applicants within Colonial District come from only 4 Units out of almost 50 in the District.


Council has extended the deadline for applications to participate in the Encampment to September 15, 1999.  There is a link to web pages containing detailed information about the Encampment off the Colonial District Web Page with points of contact for all the Districts and application procedures.


If you need a copy of the Colonial District youth or adult application forms, they have been placed in the Roundtable folders for each unit at each of the past 3 meetings.  If you cannot find who has them, contact me and I will FAX a hard copy or email a Word file.


All future applications should be accompanied by a check made out to NCAC in the amount of $35.00 and sent to Charles Traugh as soon as possible to meet the September 15 deadline.


If you have Scouts or Scouters that have already applied, remind them to send me a check for $35.00 made out to NCAC to complete the registration.  All Colonial District applicants to date have been accepted and will be contacted to get the payments in and remind them to complete the requirements.



We will have a meeting of the Troop before the end of September so participation in the Camporee can be coordinated.


TRAINING - Dominick Caridi

703-360-9206 or e-mail:




Cub Leader Training Awards


Congratulations to the following Colonial District Cub Scout Adult Leaders for their achievements!  We look forward to presenting their awards at the 8 September Roundtable.  We encourage all Cubmasters and Pack Committees to capitalize on the opportunity to properly recognize their adult leaders by submitting award recommendations to the District.


William J. Kane            Pack 888         Cub Scouter Award

Jeffrey N. Plottner        Pack 118         Den Leader Award

Leonard C. Senia        Pack 614         Den Leader Award




Information PLease!


Pack Leaders and/or Committee Chairs:  Repeat call!  Please provide us with a list of the training status for all your Cub Scout adult leaders by Sunday, 19 September 1999.  Please include whether, when, and where he/she participated in Fast Start, CS Basic, Youth Protection, Webelos Leaders Outdoor, and/or Train-the-Trainer sessions.  Also, please let us know if you need copies of the Fast Start video.  Each Pack Library should have at least one copy.  Email submissions preferred, but hard-copy accepted!


Cub Leader Training Opportunities


Colonial District Scoutmastership Fundamentals (SMF) -- it's not just for Boy Scout Leaders!  Cub Scout Leaders -- particularly Webelos Leaders who have completed WLOT -- should consider attending SMF, too.  See Boy Scout Training Team Notes!


Cub Scout Leaders Basic Training Course for Colonial District will be offered on Saturday, 25 September 1999, at Aldersgate United Methodist Church (CD Roundtable Meeting location), in the Mount Vernon area of Alexandria, VA.  Further instructions are available on the CD Website.

Advance registration forms are available at District Roundtable.  Registration on-site will commence at 0800, and training will begin at 0815. Participants should wear the proper Cub Scout Leader Uniform and bring a 'sack lunch'. 

$8 Registration Fee will include training materials, 'Trained' Tab and Card.  Next CSLBT is scheduled for 30 October 1999; location TBD. 


Webelos Leaders Outdoor Training (WLOT) for National Capital Area Council (NCAC) is scheduled for 16-17 October 1999.  More information to be announced, and registration flyers will be available at Roundtable.  Please note that completion of CSLBT is considered a prerequisite for WLOT, so please ensure your adult leaders attend our session on 25 September, or contact me for alternate dates and locations for other Districts.


Den Chief Conference for NCAC is scheduled for Saturday, 23 October 1999.  No further information, including location, is available at this time, but we'll get it to you ASAP!


Pow Wow for NCAC is scheduled for Saturday, 20 November 1999.  More information to follow.


Colonial District 'Get Ready!' Training (proposed) is  tentatively) scheduled for 29 April 2000.  We are soliciting your input for course topics.  Here's your chance to place your requests, and to volunteer your services early!


Scouting Fall Outdoor Fun at Belvedere Plantation (we'll share these as we get 'em):  Package rates available for Scout groups in September and October in 'The Great Pumpkin Patch' (Hayrides, Pumpkins, Fun Barn) and 'The Amazing Maize Maze' (2-mile hike).  Open Fridays (4-7), Saturdays (10-6), Sundays (10-4).  Belvedere Plantation is 7 miles SE of Fredericksburg, VA:  From I-95, take Exit 126; follow 17 South for 7 miles to entrance.

Thanks for all you do, and remember:  'The Boys and Fun Come Number One!'


Mark Benedict, Colonial District Cub Scout Training Team Leader (H) 703-924-0457 


Jeff Fox, Assistant CD CSTTL (H) 703-780-0683   (W) 703-280-7089



Scoutmaster Fundamentals Course


LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER for the fall Scoutmaster Fundamentals Course, the District's premier fall Scoutmaster Fundamentals Course, the District's premier training course for all Scouters.  It's not just for new Scoutmasters or Assistant Scoutmasters: anyone active at the troop level, including committee members, will find it worthwhile.   This is the place to get the knowledge and practical experience to bring a successful Scouting program to the boys.   The course is a hands-on learning opportunity that covers essential outdoor skills as well as how patrols and troops are structured and operate.  There are three sessions: Thursday evening, Sept. 9 (7-10 pm) and Saturday, Sept. 11 (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at Aldersgate, and Friday-Saturday, Sept 17-18 at Ft. Belvoir.  It's a popular course and enrollment is limited so register quickly.  Contact Course Scribe Norm Johnson, at (703) 360-9206 or, Course Director Dom Caridi at (703) 360-9206 or, or Boy Scout Training Team Leader Dave Stewart at (703) 461-7233 or


Junior Leader Training Workshop


REGISTER NOW for the District's one-day Junior Leader Training Workshop, which will take place on Saturday, Oct. 2, during the fall Camporee at Gunston Hall.  To enroll, Scouts should be at least First Class and have completed JLT in their Troop.  Participation is not limited to those holding (or expected to hold) senior leadership positions; the purpose of the course is to enable participants to learn and practice the skills which will enable them to be more effective if and when they assume responsibilities as elected or appointed leaders in the future.  However, since it may be necessary to limit registration, Scoutmasters are asked to rank their nominees.  (We plan a similar course at the Spring Camporee.)


Workshop Staff:  Each Troop is requested to nominate one or two senior Scouts (Life or above) to serve on the Workshop staff.  Solid leadership experience and presence is required; attendance at a previous JLTW session, at IMPESSA or at a similar course is strongly preferred.


Register Now:  For further information, and to nominate Scouts to participate or to serve on the Workshop staff, contact David Stewart, SM Troop 1515 at (703) 461-7233 or or Dominick Caridi, District Training Chair, at (703) 360-9206 or





Merit Badge Jamboree


COUNSELORS AND STAFF NEEDED: Save the date:  Saturday, February 26.   We want to offer a wide range of elective Merit Badges, including (but not limited to) American Heritage, Archaeology, Astronomy, Collections, Computers, Crime Prevention, Disabilities Awareness, Energy, Engineering, Geology, Journalism, Medicine, Metalwork, Photography, Public Speaking, Radio, Railroading, Space Exploration, Surveying, and Weather.   But we need your help now to make the Jamboree a success.   Which badges should be offered?  Can you (or another Scouter in your Troop) serve as an instructor or counselor or assistant for any of these badges?  Can you suggest others (teachers, professors, professionals) with the necessary enthusiasm and expertise to teach our Scouts?  Can you help with organization and registration?   Please contact Dave Stewart, SM Troop 1515, at 703-461-7233 or  


Out-of-Council Training Opportunity 


The Baltimore Area Council will hold its Merit Badge Weekend on October 22-24 at Camp Cupertino.  In addition to Merit Badges, they will offer Den Chief training, JLT, First Year Camper, Youth Protection and other courses. Registration deadline:  September 15.   For further information, visit the website at or contact Kenneth Krantz at (301) 829 5080.


Training for CORS and Committee Members


Attention all Chartered Organization Representatives and Pack/Troop Committee Members:  On Thursday, October 28, 6:30 p.m., at Aldersgate UMC, there will be a three hour class for CORs, IHs and MCs covering the practical aspects of the relationship between the pack/troop and its chartered organization, pack/troop administration, and the duties of various pack/troop committee members (including the chair, treasurer, secretary, etc.).   For more information, contact  David Stewart, Boy Scout Training Team Leader, at 703 461 7233 or



Youth Protection Training


All Colonial District Scouters who would like to take the BSA Youth Protection Training may do so by attending the Saturday, September 11th session of Scoutmastership Fundamentals at Aldersgate UMC.  YPT will begin at noon and will end at 1:30 PM bring a sack lunch.


You are not required to register for SMF in order to take YPT and there is no fee.  However, we need to know how many are planning to attend.  Please contact Norm Johnson at 703/360-6730 or








New Training Course Proposed

What Do You Think?


The Colonial District Training Team would like to offer a new training course and hereby solicits your opinion.


WHAT:    Get Ready Training (working title)


WHEN:  Late April or Early May

                (Which date makes more sense?)


WHO:     New Scouters who were unable to take SMF,

                CSLBT, WLOT or University of Scouting.

Scouters preparing for summer programs.

                (Should to older, high-school aged Troop youth

                leadership be invited?)


WHY:      To fill a need, if one exists.

                (Does one exist?)


HOW:     Courses would be offered in 2-hour segments.

                Two segments before lunch; two segments after

                lunch.  Some course might require multiple

                segments.  Participants would provide their own

                lunch.  Fees would be kept low - covering council

                liability recover and course materials.


WHICH: Among the courses the team has brainstormed:

·      CPR Certification (Red Cross);

·      Safe Swim Defense / Safety Afloat;

·      Climb On Safety;

·      Canoeing / White Water Safety

·      First Aid / Prevention (hypothermia, hyperthermia,

·      dehydration, insect stings & bites, simple cuts & bruises, strains/sprains & fractures);

·      Camp Hygiene / Sanitation (including safe food handling);

·      Cub Scout Summertime Activities;

·      WEBELOS resident camp (for first-timers);

·      Cub/WEBELOS day camp (for first-timers);

·      Boys Scout resident camp (for first-timers);

·      High Adventure (for first-timers);

·      What other courses should be offered?


A questionnaire will be distributed to your unit folders at the September R/T and Training Team leaders will be available to discuss these issues at that R/T, as well.  Or, don't wait for the R/T, contact any of us:


Training Chair:  Dominick Caridi


Boy Scout Training Team Leader -- David Stewart


Cub Scout Training Team Leader -- Mark Benedict



We aim to deliver the training you want!  Thanks







Philmont Courses Still Available 


I am advised that slots are still avilable in the various courses      being taught at Philmont this fall, September 19 - 26, 1999 and want  to encourage  you to make this known to all of our Colonial District  Scouters.      The curriculum includes: Project COPE Director Training, Council High-Adventure Trek Planning, Advanced Boy Scout Leader Camping Skills, Boy Scout Membership Growth, The Essentials of Climbing/Rappelling, High Adventure SKills Training for Venturing Advisors, and the Leave No Trace Outdoor Skills and Ethics Masters      Qualification Course.


Spouses are welcome but the Center cannot accommodate family youth members during the September conferences.


If you know of Scouters who may be interested in registering for one of these courses, please ask that person to contact me via email ( or voice (202-565-1174) to initiate the application.


Yours in Scouting,


Jim Poole

Colonial District Membership Chair


Venture Youth Protection Training


For Venturing Crews, please note that there is new youth protection training geared for your youth members as well as crew advisors.  Venturing youth protection will be discussed during the upcoming Venturing Roundtable, September 8.




Venture, Varsity, and Venturing (V3) Vignettes


Venturing Roundtable


If you missed September’s Venturing Roundtable, you missed a discussion on the Venturing program and how to put a yearly program together that provides an opportunity for your Venturers to earn the Bronze, Gold, Silver and Ranger awards.  The Venturing Roundtable needs you to be a success.  We plan to feature one of the twenty-six Ranger core and elective requirements each month and will offer Watercraft, Land Navigation, Shooting Sports, Caving, Wilderness Survival, Leave No Trace, Emergency Preparedness over the next few months.  We meet on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning at 8 pm at Aldersgate United Methodist Church at the corner of Fort Hunt Road and Collingswood Road.  We encourage Assistant Scoutmaster for Venture and Varsity Team coaches from ALL districts to attend.  Please come and be a part of this new program!!!  We can’t do it without you!!



Wilderness First Aid


Two 2-day, 16 hour Wilderness First Aid Courses will again be offered by Christopher Tate, a locally recognized leader in teaching wilderness medicine and risk management.  Scheduled for the weekends of September 18-19 and December 4-5, 1999, this course provides an in-depth introduction to patient assessment, environmental emergencies, splinting techniques, and other topics.  The two days of instruction provide Wilderness First Aid certification.  This course meets the requirements for the Ranger First Aid elective.  Many scouters from our area have completed this course and have found it to be excellent training.  Total cost of the course is $125.  Enrollment is extremely limited.  To reserve a place, please contact Christopher Tate, 214 Duncan Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301, (703) 836-8905 or visit


Wilderness Survival/Emergency Preparedness


For decades, outdoor recreationalists have planned their outing using the “10 essentials”.  While this is great for outdoor retailers, there are items that you need to carry with you that cannot be purchased.  This seminar will introduce concepts to plan and enjoy outdoor adventures with greater safety and less risk.  The seminar is presented free of charge by Christopher Tate, Director of the Wilderness Safety Council on September 22, 1999 at 7:30 PM at REI Baileys Crossroads.  Chris will also be offering an all day Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness Risk Management seminar on November 6, 1999 from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM at REI Baileys Crossroads that expands on these concepts.  Class fee is $75.00 and includes course materials and a copy of Outdoor Leadership by John Gresham.  For more information on either course, call REI at (703) 379-9400.


DC After Dark


Please join Explorers and Venturers from throughout the National Capital Area Council for DC After Dark, September 24, 1999.  This will be an all night party that includes a performance at the Kennedy Center, ethical controversies discussion (a Silver award requirement) on Capitol Hill, pizza on the Mall, a live band concert the the Daryl Davis Band, and breakfast of the Lincoln Memorial.  For more information, contact Yvette Wheeler at or visit the the DC After Dark website at  Cost is only $20.00


Venture Hike-o-ree


Can you believe it!  We will be celebrating a milestone this fall when the 10th Annual  Venture Hike-o-ree is held on October 1-3 and November 5-7, 1999 at the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center, Front Royal, VA.  Registrations are already coming and hike selections are made on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS.  September 20 is the cutoff date for final shirt count for the October Hike-o-ree weekend, so you need to get your planning done soon.  Registration forms are available electronically to  The cost of the Hike-o-ree is $12.00 ($13.50 for extra extra large shirts).  For additional information, call Cooper Wright, (703) 971-0044 (home) or (703) 358-2802 (work).



Ever dream of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail but found the idea just a bit overwhelming?  Join over aspiring thru-hikers as well as us day hikers for a day of discussions, demonstrations and data on planning a long distance hike on October 30, 1999, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at REI Baileys Crossroads.  Manufacturer’s representatives from Pur and Vasque will be available to discuss water purification and footwear for long distance comfort.  The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club will be available to discuss maps and guidebooks.  Local adventurer, Nick Williams, who has thru-hiked the Appalachian, the Continental Divide, and the Pacific Crest trails will present a slide show on the Appalachian Trail and share the wisdom gained from three decades of long distance hiking.

Land Navigation


Looking to brush up on your map and compass skills before you begin teaching your Venturing Crew?  REI at Baileys Crossroads will be offering a comprehensive two-day course on November 13-14, 1999.  The first day will be spent in intensive classroom exercises.  The second day will be spent on and off trail in Prince William Forest Park doing practical navigation exercises.  The course fee is $60.00 and includes workbook text, course materials, compass, map, and grid reader.  The course is taught by Mr. Tom Terry and is the best land navigation course I have ever taken.  The course fills very quickly, so contact REI at (703) 379-9400.







Escaping From Reality

Colin Fletcher from the Complete Walker III


I have been told with some regularity that by walking out and away, I am “escaping from reality”.  I admit the question puts me on the defensive.  Why, I ask myself, are people so ready to assume that chilled champagne is more real than water drawn from an ice cold mountain creek?  Or a dusty sidewalk than a carpet of desert dandelions?  Or a Boeing 707 than a flight of graceful white pelicans soaring in unison against the sunrise?  Why, in other words, do people assume that the acts and emotions and values that stem from the city life are more real than those that arise from the beauty and silence and solitude of wilderness?


Cooper Wright

Colonial District Venturing Coordinator               

Northern Virginia Venture Scout Coordinator                      home:  (703) 971-0044  work:  (703) 358-2802


District Committee Cook-Out


In lieu of the normal District Committee Meeting we are having a cook-out with District Committee Members & their families on September  22nd at 6 PM at Fort Hunt Park.  The meeting will be held  at the main shelter (the one with bathrooms), unless it is still occupied by the group that reserved for earlier in the day.  If it rains the group will meet at First Christian Church (that means no picnic).  This will be a potluck meal. Note: This is not for the whole district, just the District Committee and their families.  (Chartered Organization Representatives are members of the District Committee).