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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA


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The next Commissioner Meeting will be on Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 p.m. at First Christian Church of Alexandria, 2723 King St., northwest of the Masonic Memorial. If you are unable to attend the meeting, let your ADC know. Questions? Call Mike Porter (H) 425-8489 (W) 751-3700 or e-mail or Sue Crane at 660-6148 or e-mail

 Being "There."

What is a Unit Commissioner? Who is my unit commissioner? No clue? Let's change that.

The first time I went to a Scout meeting that was not at my son's Cub Scout Pack, somebody asked for the name of my unit commissioner. I had no idea. I went for years without knowing my unit commissioner. Unfortunately, our Pack was missing the greatest inexpensive opportunity for help. Inexpensive, ... gee whiz, (old Iowan) ... Unit Commissioners are FREE!!!

Your Unit Commissioner is your Unit Helper, your lifeline, your connection to a huge community of helpers. Your Unit Commissioner is, above all else, "there" to help you succeed.

What does "there" mean?

Unit Commissioners come for a visit at least once a month to see what you need. They have answers to your questions or (more often) get back to you quickly with answers to your questions. Unit Commissioners help you through the maze of Scouting administrivia. They can help make sense of forms and other paperwork. They can help with guidance, they can help with suggestions, but most often they can help by showing you the path to answers so that the unit committee can decide the best course to take.

If you aren't looking forward to seeing your unit commissioner, or if you never see him or her then something is wrong. The something that is wrong is quite likely my responsibility. The most likely problem is that we have not found a Unit Commissioner to replace the one that last helped you. We're working on it. Below is a list of Assistant District Commissioners and the Units for which they give assistance. Give your Assistant District Commissioner, Sue Crane, or me a call if you haven't found the help you need.

This month your Unit Commissioner will help to make sure that your Unit Inventory is up to date. We are looking for Scouts that might have fallen through the cracks in the registration process. Giving proper recognition to Scouts and making sure that they can take full advantage of the Scouting program depends on making sure that they are properly registered. Hopefully we can be of assistance.

Area 1: Linda Hill 370-6641

Packs: 129, 133, 602, 609, 614, 615, 801, 1515

Troops: 62 113 120 129 131 135 609 1515 2000

Area 2: Jim Owens 317-7970

Packs: 867, 1076, 1520, 1943

Troops: 1076, 1107, 1150, 1507

Area 3: Ray Hahn 360-6960

Packs: 658, 680, 888, 1435, 1504, 1509, 1852

Troops: 654, 680, 811, 996, 1509, 1901

Area 4: Linda Guidotti 360-1171

Packs: 977, 1503, 1519, 1900

Troops: 118, 871, 876, 899, 993, 1519

Area 5: Gary Lindner 971-3087

Packs: 601, 1102, 1103

Troops/Venturing: 601, 1102, 1103, V 1103, V1183

Deputy District Commissioner: Sue Crane 660-6148

District Commissioner: Mike Porter 425-8489



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